Veterinary ServicesVeterinary Services

Our veterinary services are designed to accommodate all of your pet’s health needs, at any life stage. We’re not content to provide only the most basic services and procedures at our animal hospital—our goal is to continue raising the bar for phenomenal pet care. See our list of veterinary services below, and click on each one to learn more about them.

Please note: Our Portage location does not currently offer grooming services.

Life Stage Wellness Care

Let’s work together to keep your pet healthy from one life stage to the next.

Vaccinations & Pest Control

We’ll figure out exactly what vaccinations and parasite control your pet needs.


Whether it’s a routine or complex procedure, your pet will be in the best hands.

House Calls

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you.

Reproductive Services

Whether you’re a seasoned pet breeder or dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, we can help.


If your pet’s itching is out of control, they could benefit from dermatological care.


For pets in urgent need of medical attention, we offer compassionate urgent care services.


Board your pet with someone you can trust.


If you don’t want to leave your pet home alone during the day, they can stay with us!


Grooming is just as vital to your pet’s health as good nutrition.